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English class field trip yeilds shocking results 
4th-Nov-2005 04:10 pm
I'll bet you're all wondering what this has to do with D-bar-A. It has everything to do with the place we call home 6-8 weeks out of the summer!

Oakland University is hosting an art exhibition called "Imaging a Shattering Earth," which showcased photography of how human beings are ruining the Earth for the sake of profit. One photograph in particular caught my eye. It was of the Metamora landfill, by David T. Hanson. Guess where the Metamora landfill is? It's just 0.5 miles southwest of the BC sub-camp (approximately 1 mile east from Metamora itself, according to an article here). According to the text next to the photo, there are exposed drums full of toxic chemicals, along with buried drums that contain VOCs and arsnic.

Here is where you can find tables of what is in the soil and ground water near the landfill, what it's contaminating, and what the concentration rate is in parts per billion. True, the measures were taken in the late 80s, but who knows what the lasting damage is to the area? It was just an interesting tidbit of information I thought I should pass along to all of you in the group, seeing as how the lake water removed the black paint of death from everyone who swam in it after our "painting party" when the directors went up to Cole.
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